This campaign is a continuation of our guild being contracted to delve into the Undermountin Campaign. We have twisted the campaign adding to it the Forgotten Realms events leading up to; “The Sundering”. Where the Goddess Shar is attempting to gain control of the Weave from Mystra (Mother of Magic). We were easily able to incorporate the Luskin Wars to the campaign as the party was already in Waterdeep exploring the Undermountain when the war began. This gave the party the unique opportunity for some sea warfare experience (much to the horror of Thorfin a dwarf who spent most of the journey puking his guts over the rail) and there first encounter with a Chosen; the Chosen of Umberlee (the sea bitch). Thus opening the party’s eyes to the existence of the Chosen and that the Gods were moving in this relm. What could the Gods be doing?

We were then able to twist the Vampires work in draining the life-forces of creatures in the Undermountain to make more powerful undead; into experiments leading to a way to siphon the divinity of the Chosen from mortals to empower the Chosen of Shar and through her to the Goddess herself. Thus leading to Shars gaining control of the weave. The party was able to decipher from the vampires journal that his experiments were successful at stealing the divinity but it was lost in the process and it couldn’t give that divinity to another. However he was hopeful that with the new machine delivered to the “Tower” he would see better results.

Upon the party’s return to the “Ragged Flagon” The party finds cause to return yet again into the Undermountain where they come upon two Gnome brothers (new players to our game); one who strongly resembles Teemo from LOL, and his brother a tinker gnome. They are in the Undermountain searching for something that had been stolen from them by some cloaked figures. This stolen object is a lifelong experiment of the tinker gnome which purpose is to grant eternal life. Added together with the Vampires notes and presto; divinity siphoning machine. The party continues onward not to battle a group of lizard folk, but a small contingent of cloaked Shadar Kai left to guard the portal to the “Tower” (not the swamps).

Upon the entrance of the Tower, after the defeat of the Shadar Kai, the party is overpowered and captured by the ambush of Shars’ Chosen and her minions who had been waiting for them. The Tower is an internment camp for the chosen and has a magical dampening barrier around it. I would suggest stripping the party of daily and encounter abilities (4e) so as not to ostracize your party’s mages, warlocks, clerics, etc. by saying the barrier wont allow you to cast ANY spells. The party escapes imprisonment and fights there way up the tower using clubs fashioned from the corner posts of a bed and anything else they could get there hands on. Until they obtain their gear back (magical weapons and equipment still work in the barrier), giving them a fighting chance against the boss. Shars’ Chosen leaves her lieutenant behind to deal with the party. She then destroys the unnatural device the gnome invented before fleeing the Tower (through a rip in the weave she creates to the Shadow Realm) to continue her plans, now that she has all the divinity she needs.

The party defeats the lieutenant and the barrier is shattered. After freeing the other prisoners in the tower; the party finds reports and letters written in Neatherese to the Chosen of Shar. These letters paint a vague picture of troop movement, mention of war machines (ballista, catipults, etc.), beasts prepared, how the Great Door is now open, and the set up of something called the “Right”(as in conforming to justice, law, or morality not as in the Rite like a ceremony). With a blinding flash of light another portal opens. As the party’s vision returns an old man in a red robe stands before them leaning on his cane clutching a rolled up parchment in his other hand, and the portal closes behind him. The Red Mage introduces himself as Thune, a portal master, servant of Zasstam and he has a sealed missive from DIrk the guild head. Thune hacks spitting up flem "Now that I have successfully used years of study and a fortune in ritual components to play messenger boy. Excuse me as I now must go the long way back as the ritual components are too precious to use for a return trip. Thune walks to a nearby window placing a ring on his finger. An aged barn owl hops to the windowsill and flies off.

The missive from Dirk instructs the party to return to the Hall, South of there current position in the Tower and includes a small hand-drawn map for directions. Alliances have been forged with the Red wizards and many others gather to stave off the Neatherese army who has entered Toril through a great tear in the planes. The guild has been conscripted to assist the alliance and Dirk promises to explain further upon there arrival and warns the party of strange creatures that have begun to appear from the shadows.

The party heads south to find a village who’s elder begs for help as all their young have been recruited to fight a war in the south and they are being harassed by goblinoids. The goblinoids turnout to be an orc raiding party taking advantage of the defenseless village. If the party helps they are rewarded a cart of grain and warned that the night after their men and women were taken; the villages dead rose from there graves and also headed south.

The Shadow Wars