The Shadow Wars

Event 3 Skirmish

Front line fight

Dirk sent the party to fight in the front lines as he is now annoyed with the newer party members for believing that they have any say or rights in guild matters. The gall of these sell-swords and there self-righteousness has thoroughly aggravated Dirk and he just wants them out of his sight. Dirk sends Acorn and Lesath to battle with the party in his stead.

The battle begins and the party was able to not only fight well, but Grognak lead a charge for the enemies war machines. Craith shone on the battlefield when he erupted; clearing a 4×4 square of enemies and allies alike. The party was able to secure payment for fighting and the destruction of several war machines. Zastam was well pleased with their accomplishments.

After awhile the armies withdrew from the field when a Netherees General summons a Shadow Drake to battle Zastam’s Dracolitch; that had been decimating his troops with its breath weapon and turning them into undead. PooPoo a party member had fallen to this breath weapon as-well.


DirkDarkTalon DirkDarkTalon

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