The Shadow Wars

Event 2 Sabotage

Dirks tests

The party decided to sabotage enemy supplies. Traveling through an old path in the mountains they came upon several shadow hounds that had stepped through tiny tears in the planes. During this quest Dirk set up several challenges for the party to discern their value. Firstly he placed a value of 5pp on the capture of a shadow hound. To see if they could follow directions, and were trustworthy. In this he found them severely lacking, as Zarah and Thren specifically sought to kill every hound the party came across. Ultimately denying Dirk what they thought to be of value to him…Simple minded fools. Dirk tested there durability to see if they would ultimately be able to survive there inevitable fight against Zastam, and if they would see the wisdom in dropping a landslide on the enemy and the party. Dirk acknowledges Miggins greed and respects that he tried to blackmail him into keeping quiet as to who started the landslide. If only the little fool knew of the riches that awaited them all at the end of this all, and how little Dirk cared about what this party thought of him. Then he tested there diversity and ability to solve problems. Craith shined in this aspect when he fooled some shardiki, left them dumbfounded, and the parties joined ingenious plan to sabotage several ships with limited explosives. The party did well in dividing and executing this plan, however throughout the mission there bickering was intolerable. There work in controlling and stealing a ship was impressive; however Dirk could not allow an easier way for Zastam to infiltrate the great rip in the planes other than throwing his army at the Nethereese and loosing most of his army. The stalemate must continue until the Right has been preformed. This presented Dirk with a pristine opportunity to not only thwart what could assist Zastam, but to get back at the party for there incisive bickering by sinking the ship. Not to mention the Talon would soon be the wealthiest guild…country in all the realm and The Dark Talon Clan would possess it all.


DirkDarkTalon DirkDarkTalon

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