The Shadow Wars

The Tallon

Mission Debrief

The party runs into a village harassed by what the villagers describe as goblinoids. A few weeks ago men came and took all our young fighting men and women and now they are defenseless against the raiding partys. If the party decides to help or not they are still attacked along the road by the Orc raiding parties. If they help the villagers offer a wagon of grain to compensate the adventurers and warn them that the day after there men and women were recruited the villages dead rose from there graves and also headed south.
The party returns to the guild to see a small village has been built outside the guild battlements. Dwarfs, Orcs, and humans run about gathering and securing supplies from merchant stalls hastily put together along the eastern battlements. If stopped everyone directs the party to report to “Lord Dirk” up at the Talon. When the party enters the tavern they see Orcs and Dwarfs sitting and drinking on opposite sides of the hall. Other guild members sit at the bar drinking and lounge about. the first person up the stairs is stopped by Dirk’s brother who steps out of the shadows and places a dagger to their throat. “What’s yer business in the Talon and who are ye?” After answering and he gives them the clear to proceed to the second floor the bugbear steps back into the shadows and disappears.

When the party enters the second floor they see three groups of three Orcs, Dwarfs, and Humans arguing over a plan of attack as Dirk sits and quietly observes. Another group of red mages stand in the corner quietly talking to a tall and heavily cloaked figure (Zastam). Upon seeing a few familiar faces entering the room Dirk warmly greets them, because he doesn’t know the rest of the party. Upon receiving the information the party found out in the Tower, tales of their adventures, and new party members; Dirk informs them that they have been hired by Zastam (a Litch Lord) to complete a few tasks and Dirk doesn’t show any care as to when, how, or even if the party accomplishes them. Dirk doesn’t disclose what is really going on as he doesn’t know who among the party could be an accomplice of Zastam (plus the Litch is in the room) and decides to test them instead. One task is to Sabotage the enemy supplies or war machines. Another is to capture a HVT to interrogate, or they could call for Reinforcements. The party can do a Skirmish in the front lines, or Defend their own HVT from Netherees assassins. They continue these missions until the final plot is revealed.


DirkDarkTalon DirkDarkTalon

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